10 Best Planning Practices

1. Plan continuously.
2. Transition from the previous plan.
3. Set a solid foundation.
4. Begin with the end in mind.
5. Turn the mirror outward.
6. Be bold.
7. Do your part to make your plan successful.
8. Make sure the plan is actionable and gets off to a good start.
9. Make strategic thinking central to decision-making.
10. Communicate thoroughly and often.

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NAIS’s next strategy book, authored by Christina Drouin, is scheduled for release at the NAIS Annual Conference in Atlanta in March 2018. The book’s substantive contents include deep dives into three dominant schools of thought in strategy making and techniques and tools for each one; leadership in a strategic culture; eight independent school case studies; and an appendix of exemplary core values, mission statements, vision statements, goals and strategies that inspire. Learn about strategy maps, deliberate strategy, emergent strategy, ambidexterity and more.

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