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10 Best Planning Practices

1. Plan continuously.
2. Transition from the previous plan.
3. Set a solid foundation.
4. Begin with the end in mind.
5. Turn the mirror outward.
6. Be bold.
7. Do your part to make your plan successful.
8. Make sure the plan is actionable and gets off to a good start.
9. Make strategic thinking central to decision-making.
10. Communicate thoroughly and often.

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Board Development
Strategic Planning and Thinking
Strategic Marketing Planning
Leadership Transition Planning

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Board Development

Projects include design and facilitation of board workshops and retreats on sustainability, strategic planning, executive goal setting, board based strategic planning, developing a generative board; consultation on Board and Head relationships; leadership transition planning.

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Strategic Planning

Services include design and facilitation of customized, inclusive, and actionable strategic planning and thinking processes that result in plans with 90 - 100% completion rates. Strategic planning projects typically include work in core values, mission, vision, goals, strategies, initiatives, and an implementation plan with monitoring, tracking, evaluation, and reporting tools.

Strategic Thinking

Services include the design and facilitation of inclusive strategic thinking sessions, structures, and processes that test assumptions, recalibrate strategic plans, and encourage institutional sustainability.

Strategic Marketing Planning

Services include internal marketing to cultivate a school-wide climate of shared responsibility for enrollment and retention. As well as market research, branding and positioning.

Leadership Transition Planning

Projects include the development of executive leadership transition plans for planned, unplanned and sudden departures.

Workshops In Leadership Development

Facilitations include Administrative Leadership Team retreats, workshops and consultations in goal setting, school leadership capacity building, and team building.

Workshops In Core Values, Mission, and Identity

Consultations include custom-designed workshops, retreats, and facilitations in core values discernment and articulation, mission and values alignment, and identity clarification.