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10 Best Planning Practices

1. Plan continuously.
2. Transition from the previous plan.
3. Set a solid foundation.
4. Begin with the end in mind.
5. Turn the mirror outward.
6. Be bold.
7. Do your part to make your plan successful.
8. Make sure the plan is actionable and gets off to a good start.
9. Make strategic thinking central to decision-making.
10. Communicate thoroughly and often.


Center for Strategic Planning

Founder and President Christina Drouin
Speaker, author, and strategy consultant Christina Drouin works internationally to advise independent school trustees, heads, and leadership teams on building sustainable schools with local and global impact.

Ms. Drouin is known as a pioneer of nonprofit marketing and for her innovative work in adapting business models and practices to nonprofit settings. 

Since founding the Center for Strategic Planning in 2000, she has facilitated hundreds of strategic planning, strategic marketing, governance, and leadership development projects.

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The Strategic Process: 10 Steps for Planning Your Independent School's Future (2007), NAIS's Marketing Independent Schools in the 21st Century (2001), and A Trustee's Primer on the Strategic Process (2008).

 She is also the author of several NAIS Leadership Series Advisories on Financing Sustainable Schools and can be heard on NAIS related podcasts.

Ms. Drouin is a Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Circle of Excellence Gold Medal Award Winner (1998) and served on NAIS's Admission and Marketing Committee, the team of practitioners who drafted NAIS's Admission Principles of Good Practice in 2000.

A familiar face at national education conferences since 1998, Ms. Drouin is an experienced session leader and speaker on Board development, strategic marketing, and strategic planning. She has earned CASE's Stellar Speaker Award multiple times, was the keynote speaker at the 2010 annual conference of the Association of Independent Schools in the Greater Washington Area (AISGW) and facilitator for the 2010 Association of American Schools in South America's (AASSA) Governance Conference. She was a 2011 keynote speaker at Florida Council of Independent Schools' Annual Conference, where she also led a session on Strategic Marketing.

With more than 25 years' experience in education and consulting, Ms. Drouin travels internationally to work in the fields of education and social change. She has served on several nonprofit boards and is a co-founder of I Want to Learn English Language Labs (www.iwle.org), a global social change nonprofit that brings English language learning to impoverished children in developing nations and underserved newcomers to the US using internet technologies.

CSP Core Values

• Integrity
• Service
• Knowledge
• Innovation
• Relationships

Statement of Core Values

• We value the uniqueness of every client and seek to preserve each one's unique identity with integrity.
• We commit to extraordinary service, accessibility and strive to deliver more than we promise and more than the client expects.
• We value lifelong learning and seek to be a learning organization.
• We respect and seek to advance the professionalism of clients and colleagues while celebrating their successes.
• We value partnership, alliances, and teamwork.
• We are committed to contributing to the common good through resource sharing, information sharing, and community service.
• We seek and support ongoing strategic thinking as an approach to developing nimble and adaptive organizations.
• We value active listening, discernment, and reflective dialogue.
• We value inclusion and strive to preserve and build community in all we do.
• We strive to promote justice and peace and seek to honor the dignity and of every human being while searching for points of unity in our common humanity.

Mission Statement

The Center for Strategic Planning exists to advance the values, missions and visions of nonprofit organizations.

Vision Statement

The Center for Strategic Planning in 2020: To be and be known as a leading international resource in contemporary strategic planning and thinking throughout the growing world of nonprofit organizations.

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